Natalie Alexander has helped some fantastic individuals through her personal development courses and lifecoaching skills.

Read below some of the testimonials received from satisfied clients

"What an amazing course! The simple daily tasks set by Natalie each week, had incredible results. Natalie was a great mentor, who motivated us each week and was always there to support us through our journey. This course has given me greater awareness of my thoughts, actions and words. I feel I have learnt a lot about myself over the past 7 weeks.
Thanks Natalie for opening my eyes to a new way of living."
-Nicola Hoodless
Biomedical scientist

"As soon as I saw the course advertised, I knew I had to do it - no question! I had previously worked with Natalie when I was going through a tough time. I knew she would be a wonderful teacher and boy was I correct. She was there for the us as a group and for us as individuals and gave us strength to follow it through. I have 6 words for anyone considering doing this course....DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!"
-Bruce Nicolson
Investment banker

"Inside Out is a fantastic course. Natalie is an amazing and gifted coach. The course has helped me so much with my self confidence and self esteem. It's not easy to change long standing habits and Inside Out has given me the tools to help me understand and over come my naughty ego. Sign up for the course, it will change your life!"
Thank you so much Natalie x'
-Elaine Webb

"This course really changed my associations with food and made me more aware of colour in my life. The course also highlighted that small changes can make a big impact in my life, with not a lot of effort. This course has taught me so much about how I can be influenced by others so I learned to choose my words carefully. I certainly feel my energy has been upgraded from doing this 7 week course. Natalie is a wonderful teacher and so inspiring."
- Joanne Moxley
Beauty therapist

"I am really grateful Natalie decided to share her knowledge and experience in such an engaging way. Natalie was very supportive as there were some days that were a bit bumpy."
-Kath McDougall
MD Design company

"Natalie is an inspiring, creative and very natural person who exudes super energy with calmness.
I attended the course to bring more calm into my life and get better balance. I feel I have become more open and achieved my course goals which is allowing me to create new and improved life habits, that I can share with my son."
-Susan MacDonald
Buying and Merchandising Director

"This was an extremely enjoyable 7 week of discovery and self awareness. The support and friendship, the sharing of experiences with the group and the direction from Natalie made this journey possible. I feel happier and more contented with my life!"
-Karen Moyes

"This course has been a life Spring clean"
-Graham Aggett

"This course had been transformational for me. I have learnt to trust myself, trust my intuition and express myself - speak my truth and find it easier each time! I feel more confident and I am being authentically me.
I am definitely more energy efficient !! :-)"
-Stephanie Wilson
Managing Director

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