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I'm a little bit embarrassed to see my last blog was in May, where has time gone?

Like everyone, it has taken time to adapt to a new working style during quarantine. What's the saying, it takes 21 days to form a habit and 3 months to create a lifestyle? Well I'm sure many of us have some weird shit lifestyle issues going on...

It's all good though.

Let's talk the energy of intention; why we do what we do or choose what we choose. This has been a hot topic with my clients. It's essential for self awareness and growth. Without self knowledge, nothing evolves and if we don't fully know ourselves, how can we expect others to know us? As my mother used to say, communication is everything.

Relationships in lockdown have been tested to the max whether personal or professional. Firstly the relationship with ourselves. Do we like who we have morphed into over the last few months? Really stop and think about it. Take a moment, a deep breath and tell me about your greatest learning and where your intention has been? There is no right or wrong way to answer this. Only awareness. Growth. When we know better we can do better.

Intention is energy. We see it. Feel it. Sense it. It cannot be masked because it is the foundation for all our choices. We all act out our intention. It's called projection, so what are we projecting on a conscious level? More importantly what thoughts are being birthed on a subconscious level? Very deep discussion for a Sunday morning.

Sorry. Not sorry.

So, the big question - what is our intention based on?

Is it kindness? Being of service? Sharing love and hope? Or is it fear. Hatred. Thinking the grass is greener?

It takes strength and courage to have a deep look within. I laugh when people think this work is woo woo. If any of you have embarked upon a spiritual journey, you know. Enough said. There's no stone left unturned. Falling in love with who we are is the reward of self exploration. No facade here my dear.

Be responsible for the energy you create is the mantra I'm sharing with clients just now. Actually it's what I've always shared, for 15 years to be precise.

All energy starts with mind energy. The story or thoughts we tell ourselves directly impact our emotions. The physical body will react to those emotions and manifest them within our cells and general wellbeing. This wellness then creates an instant connection or disconnection to our soul. Hence the mind, body, soul, emotion connection.

The majority of us are sentient beings, we feel deeply and have empathy for one another. That means we can feel heavy energy too. There is no doubt heavy energy is everywhere globally, so being selective and protecting ourselves from certain media channels, social media, specific people or situations is vital. It doesn't mean hiding away from the world though.

No. We need each other.

Showing up to the world with fresh new energy is our responsibility. Each of us plays a massive role and if like me, you believe in people and their capacity to love, then let's create it. Please. What we do right now will determine our immediate future.

Positivity starts in you. Me. Each of us.

We've got the power to make change happen.

Set our intention and keep believing.

Mayday! Mayday!

As if being in quarantine wasn't enough, the cosmos has gifted us 4 planets in retrograde this month. Yes you read it right. A whopping 4! What an incredible time to be alive - more change is on the way. So what's happening in May I hear you say....?! Take a seat. Get comfortable. It's story time.

We will experience Venus, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in retrograde. Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Venus, the planet of divine feminine, love, art and music, is the giver of pleasure, attention and the flow of money. Venus highlights our attraction to love and heightens our sensuality both within ourselves and what we see in others.

When Venus retrogrades (12th May - 25th June) issues related to love and money will surface. Relationships will face challenges. Old lovers or those we held a flame for can appear from nowhere, gifting us a time to heal old wounds, offer us healthy closure, or potential reconnection with new love. Get ready for the love of a lifetime. But first let go of the old so the new can enter. It's the love detox.

Pluto retrograde (25th April - 4th October) is a test of faith. Generosity, kindness and spiritual growth is on the menu, helping us to come through this time of global change. Having awareness of growing into our own skin and standing up for what we believe in is the energy we will be feeling.

Holding onto dysfunctional relationships professionally or personally will magnify obsessive behaviours or cravings. It's time for the life detox.

Jupiter is known as the guru and expansion of consciousness. Representing the higher mind and our higher selves. It will draw us on a journey into the unknown, prompting us to take a leap of faith in the right direction for us (Pluto energy).

Jupiter's retrograde (14th May - 12th September) gifts us profound inner growth. It is a chance to reconnect and realign with our inner truth, greater consciousness and the connection to our god source within. It's deep.

Opening ourselves up enough to see our life situation as it is, means shadow/ego work will happen. Jupiter always offers us protection when we are exploring our selves and doing deep soul searching. This is our spiritual detox.

Saturn is the planet of karma. Retrograde (11th May - 29th September) will be a time when our karma is highlighted and delivered. Think divine timing. If our karma hasn't been clean there might be lessons learned. If it has, expect rewards and recognitions. This is the karma detox.

Our love, faith, consciousness and karma will be under the spotlight. Upgraded. Cleansed. Expect a bigger better version of ourselves to emerge from this. May will gift us the time and space to evolve.

It's written in the stars. Divinely guided. Meant to be. Don't fight it, evolve with it.

We've got this! Beltane blessings.


Here we all are smack bang in the middle of quarantine. I don't know what day it is or even how long I've been here. It feels a bit like being in a surreal other dimensional tardis, not that I know what that is like. No people. No contact. No hugs. No concept of life as we have known it. At this stage I feel sweary words wanting to roll of my tongue, but I will reframe from expressing them. You can thank me later. I'll happily accept hugs - my cunning plan for physical contact. Yes, it's got that bad. Joking of course, I think?

Thank god for platforms. No, not the 1970's shoes. I'm talking Zoom. Facetime. Skype. The telephone (invented by a Scot I may add). You get the idea? What a life saver! I do not however recommend hosting online parties with friends, you know, the ones that encourage you to drink more wine while putting the world to rights and having a wee dance at the same time. Yes it is amazing at the time, but oh lordy me, not when the hangover costs you a full day. Hold on, we all have full days now, shall I retract that statement? Ok anything goes, just be happy! Please note, 2 glasses of wine is the new 2 bottles - drink responsibly.

I chuckled at someones social media post saying they were figuring out what meeting to go to first; AA or weight watchers, closely followed by the beautician and hairdresser. It's all looking a little grim.

If like me you're bewildered by the whole aspect of covid-19 and have exhausted conspiracy theories, become a medical expert over night and think you could run the world better than anyone else, then I salute you, love you and together we will laugh this situation away. Seriously, laughter is where it's at. I highly recommend it.

Yet on a serious note, lets talk nature, mother Gaia herself. Possibly the whole reason why our current situation has manifested. This can be seen as her saving grace. A chance to hold sacred space, stop and breathe, embrace recovery time to regenerate what us humans have destroyed and stolen from her. Nature is beginning to thrive because we are nowhere in sight. There is a massive lesson in this. The quote 'live simply so others can simply live' comes to mind. We are all part of this global awakening. It is an unprecedented situation we are in, one our souls signed up for and potentially one we will never see again. It's completely mind blowing. Big sigh...remember nothing is impossible. 

To all the families who have lost loved ones due to covid-19, my love and deepest condolences are with you. Finding closure must be extremely challenging given that funerals are limited in numbers and flights grounded especially if travelling needs to be involved. I can't imagine what you are all going through? May the angels wrap their wings around you, guide you step by step and grant you so much peace.

So what's next? I have no idea. What I do know is that we all have the capacity to love and heal. Love ourselves. Each other. Love the world and everything in it back to health and happiness. We must. It's our duty to do so. Even though we're doing the 2 meter social distancing we can share our energy, offer a smile to someone who looks anxious. Help each other on a day to day basis. It's time to step up, be the difference.

This whole global situation is fucked up and it is our responsibility to turn it around. We can do this. 

NHS workers and carers - I love you! Thank you. Those of you reading this - please be safe. 

Natalie Alexander

"Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again"