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The Mercury of all Retrogrades

Whether you are familiar with mercury retrograde or not, it certainly has the power to add a few mishaps into everyday life.

So what is it? It is when the nearest planet to the sun Mercury, appears to travel in the opposite direction (east to west rather than west to east) and if you are big on your astrology, you'll know the chaos it can cause.

As everything is energy, this re - alignment has a big impact on electrical devices, travel plans and mis-communications. It also encourages us to revisit ourselves emotionally, uncovering those dark hidden gems we thought had gone yet suddenly boldly expose themselves. Yes indeed. It's massive. The key is to know when it is all going to happen. Plan plan plan! Do the software updates in advance. Dot the i's and cross the t's with regards to travel plans. Take nothing, I mean nothing personally and do not react to other peoples angry outbursts.

Another aspect of retrograde is to avoid making any new or big life changing decisions within the time frame, or signing new contracts. Hold off. The energy is too chaotic. You'll thank yourself afterwards. Really. Ask those who have learned from experience. Wait to avoid the WTF moments.

So, why is this the mother of all retrogrades? Because we have revisited a decade of our lives 2010 - 2019. Think about all that has happened within those years. It is advisable to take a deep breath. Or laugh. Or grab the tissues and cry it out.

This retrograde cycle has been scrutinised by the sign of scorpio - intense, dark and very deep. Is the picture becoming clearer and you're understanding your crazy reactions to situations now? Add spiritual living into the equation and all that the universe wants to gift you, so you can learn and grow, evolving into a healthier and all round nicer version of yourself - WOW.

Understanding why you have revisited so much, what you have learned and how can you grow from it means there is no time for that resting bitch face, sultry sarcasm or projecting bad vibes. Take responsibility. Your soul needs it. Let the old go so the new can come. 

There is good news. Today mercury will go direct. That means mercury retrograde has finished. Bravo! However, please note there will be a cheeky wee shadow period for a couple of days, so be mindful. Please. Best behaviour is advised.

You survived it. You did it. The melt downs were worth it. A new shinier version of yourself has been morphed. 

Breathe into all your emotions today knowing they will eventually fade away. Congratulate yourself on all that you have achieved over the last decade. Trust that karma is in your favour and the universe will never let you down. Most of all, please have a beautiful day.

Mercury retrograde dates for 2020. It's all in the planning.

- February 18th - March 9th in Pisces.

- June 17th - July 12th in Cancer.

- October 13th - November 3rd in Scorpio.

Natalie Alexander

"Think happy, feel happy, believe happy, be happy"