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2020 Retreats

It has been a long time coming and many of you have been asking me to start running retreats possibly forever, so I am delighted to announce they will be happen in 2020.

Finding the perfect location with amazing energy has taken years to find - come on its me and its got to be good after all. Only the best will do!

So where have I chosen? Greece, Athens to be precise, among the great gods and goddesses - the birthplace of democracy.

There are many reasons why I decided to base the retreats there, let me share my experiences with you.

The first is the weather (very different from a Scottish climate especially right now as I sit here writing this, storm Brendan is bashing our shores with a severe weather warnings). You won't get that in Greece. Think sun, warmth, crystal clear sea, blue skies and floral scents and views that will take your breath away. Vitamin D central.

The second is the energy and history. Quite honestly, it blew me away! Infact, soul revival come to mind. There is something so special and nourishing about Greece. As I explored and learned more about the culture and connecting to the energy, I found my soul begin to glow from the inside out, if this happens for me, I absolutely desire it for others. Like Scotland, it has an ancient and rich history - Edinburgh is the Athens of the north. It's blue and white thing. Whats not to love?

The third are the sacred sites. Having visited many, some only known by locals it was a no brainer to offer this on my retreat. Be prepared for a mega spiritual recharge. Yes, the itinerary is a beautiful secret, tried and tested by me.

The fourth is the location of the villa. We will be staying in a luxurious family run property located in the mountains of Kalamos, 45 minutes from Athens. With breathtaking views of the sea and mountains, stretching all the way over to Evoia Island, stunning comes to mind. I know, I stayed there. Think peace and tranquility. Pink, orange and rainbow coloured sunrises and sunsets, what a find! Total treat.

The fifth is what I can offer you. Morning meditations outside. Pranayama and sun salutations as the day unfolds. Daily excursions to the most incredible sacred places hand chosen by me. Mini workshops designed specifically to boost your self care and wellbeing. 15 years of my professional experience condensed into a 7 day retreat. A holiday of a lifetime. 

There will be a private chef on site. Butler style hospitality for all the diva demands. Only 6 places will be available, all with private rooms (one room share option). Meals and drinks are catered for even on the excursions. Its all about you. You!

Rest. Rejuvenation. Time out.

It will be amazing!

Sound good? Please feel free to contact me for more details...

Natalie Alexander

"Be your own kind of beautiful"