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I love listening to podcasts and hearing personal journeys of inspirational women I adore.

Listening to Fearne Cotton chat all things personal with Jada Pinkett Smith and Elizabeth Gilbert was beautiful. There is something so comforting, experiencing a woman's heart in its pure strength of vulnerability.

A few things jumped out at me.

The first was Jada chatting about motherhood and the letting go process. This reigns true for me. I love my son. Being born in the year of the tiger, of course it is, anyone touches my pup your days are numbered. Being mum and dad to him, this protective energy worked in my favour. Strength of character propelled me forward when both my parents suddenly died, I divorced, set up my business, managed my grief and our lives within a 5 month timeline. I was 30. Fuck. So young on reflection. Sheer strength, love and determination carried me through.

The biggest realisation during that time was my attachment. Having lost everything I loved so quickly, I grasped tightly onto my son, yet I knew I had to loosen the grip if he was to experience freedom. My love for him inspired me to do it. A dominant mother casts a long shadow. No thanks. Not in my lifetime. 

I spent years letting go. Each day, little by little. Showing myself deep compassion, acceptance and self love on the journey, I died to my ego. Died to myself. Let go of events that were not in my control. Found acceptance. Gained peace.

The second was listening to Elizabeth chat about hitting rock bottom and being on her knees. So heartwarming and oh boy I certainly know how that feels. Sometimes there needs to be cushions on the floor, it helps when the falls just keep coming. Yet when we sit and have open communication, there is a realisation that we all have a similar story. We are not alone. A story of the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Hearing her speak about the sacred job of women over the years, protecting what is vulnerable, sacred, rare and beautiful. Guardians of the fragile. Yes!

We are all sacred, vulnerable and very powerful. It's what makes us human. There can be no other way when we live in love. It is to be celebrated. Protected. Kept alive.

If you are reading this and can relate to it, please know you've got this. You are strong. Sacred. Doing your best and you are not alone. There is an army of warriors out there. Protecting the vulnerable and all that is pure. Did I mention these warriors are women? Think about it. The love of your mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, has helped formed who you are today.

Thank you ladies.


We rise by lifting others.

Natalie Alexander

"Make your life a story worth telling"