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Be kind

Tell me about your pain
Is it surrounded by blame and shame?
How deep does it go,
do you let it show?

Are you choosing to hide,
all that resonates inside.
The smile covers all, you think?
But the tears roll with every blink.

Can you lay yourself bare,
absorb the piercing stares.
Yes they did you wrong,
you were right my dear, all along.

So what happens next?
Has karma gone full circle yet?
Can you break away from what you've known?
Or let winds of change to blow?

Pull it back.
Stop the victim pact.
Break away, be strong,
leave the bullshit where it belongs.

Follow the path light,
look, it can get better and bright.
Break the chains that held you numb,
fuck them, go where you belong!

Call the angels near,
let their blessings surface and appear.
Remember who you are,
stop running away so far.

Sit in your mind,
demand yourself to be kind.
Let love show you the way,
no regrets, to yourself you must stay.

Dissolve the crippling dark,
finally embrace your art.
There is another way,
let hope guide you, tomorrow is another day.
Copyright© 2020 Natalie Alexander, All rights reserved

Natalie Alexander

"It's not what happens to us in life, it's how we react to it"