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Mayday! Mayday!

As if being in quarantine wasn't enough, the cosmos has gifted us 4 planets in retrograde this month. Yes you read it right. A whopping 4! What an incredible time to be alive - more change is on the way. So what's happening in May I hear you say....?! Take a seat. Get comfortable. It's story time.

We will experience Venus, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in retrograde. Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Venus, the planet of divine feminine, love, art and music, is the giver of pleasure, attention and the flow of money. Venus highlights our attraction to love and heightens our sensuality both within ourselves and what we see in others.

When Venus retrogrades (12th May - 25th June) issues related to love and money will surface. Relationships will face challenges. Old lovers or those we held a flame for can appear from nowhere, gifting us a time to heal old wounds, offer us healthy closure, or potential reconnection with new love. Get ready for the love of a lifetime. But first let go of the old so the new can enter. It's the love detox.

Pluto retrograde (25th April - 4th October) is a test of faith. Generosity, kindness and spiritual growth is on the menu, helping us to come through this time of global change. Having awareness of growing into our own skin and standing up for what we believe in is the energy we will be feeling.

Holding onto dysfunctional relationships professionally or personally will magnify obsessive behaviours or cravings. It's time for the life detox.

Jupiter is known as the guru and expansion of consciousness. Representing the higher mind and our higher selves. It will draw us on a journey into the unknown, prompting us to take a leap of faith in the right direction for us (Pluto energy).

Jupiter's retrograde (14th May - 12th September) gifts us profound inner growth. It is a chance to reconnect and realign with our inner truth, greater consciousness and the connection to our god source within. It's deep.

Opening ourselves up enough to see our life situation as it is, means shadow/ego work will happen. Jupiter always offers us protection when we are exploring our selves and doing deep soul searching. This is our spiritual detox.

Saturn is the planet of karma. Retrograde (11th May - 29th September) will be a time when our karma is highlighted and delivered. Think divine timing. If our karma hasn't been clean there might be lessons learned. If it has, expect rewards and recognitions. This is the karma detox.

Our love, faith, consciousness and karma will be under the spotlight. Upgraded. Cleansed. Expect a bigger better version of ourselves to emerge from this. May will gift us the time and space to evolve.

It's written in the stars. Divinely guided. Meant to be. Don't fight it, evolve with it.

We've got this! Beltane blessings.

Natalie Alexander

"Make your life a story worth telling"