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This is for you.

To a fiesty, independant, stylish and warm hearted Tasmanian, Australian, Italian.

A Gemini by name and more exuberant by nature.

I feel heart broken the angels have taken you.

Yet I know you are revelling in fashionista heaven.

With that quick witted dry humour that would leave most bewildered.

And eyes that saw through bullshit in an instant.

Lighting up the sky with that contemplating smile.

Your intelligence and intuition were second to none.

I am wiping my eyes in my own selfish grief.


I have to surrender.

I will miss our belly laughs and swearing.

I will miss balancing your chakras and chatting energy.

I will miss the clothes, make up and shoe envy we shared.

Yet I thank the gods to have known you.

I thank the angels who took you.

Because now you are at peace my dear friend.

Oh, and when you offered me your symprove,

I knew you knew, what was coming.

Rest in peace beautiful soul.

Keep spreading that magic to us all.

You are forever a gift to the world.

Another angel taken and heaven bound.

Love you my pal.

Natalie Alexander

"It's not what happens to us in life, it's how we react to it"