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No apology

I will not apologise for being a strong woman. If I intimidate you or my energy arouses insecurity in you ask yourself why? You want to judge me? Stop. Look in the mirror, do you like what you see? I am strong because of what life has thrown at me. Change your life like I have, then try to judge me. If you manage it, you will grow. I know you will respect me.

I will not apologise for my fierce love. I am mum and dad. Have you seen my son? My greatest gift. I teach him all that I know through devotion, compassion and love. There is no room for superficial bullshit. It is raw, real, undiluted. Can't handle it? Go on, keep diluting. Keep playing that game. Keep searching. Adjust the mask. You think you will find it? Exhaustion will get you first. Surrender. Learn to feel love, not talk it.

I will not apologise for wanting equality. Am I meant to be submissive because I was born a woman? What, genitals, colour of skin, the definition of who we are? Labels. Conditioning. Exploitation. Fuck that. Our soul is far greater than any confinement. Reborn into a human body with whatever shape and form was predestined. Equality is a birth right. No exceptions. Gods real plan.

I will not apologise for being a survivor. Uninvited sexual advances directed my way since forever, is that acceptable? Learning to mute, delete sexuality. Being in fear that the essence of my shakti will provoke negative attention. Divine femininity; the most powerful force that exists. Heal it. Grow it. Own it. The world needs it, look around. Bring down the walls of secret privilege. Bring down false patriarch entitlement. The time is now. You are needed.

I will not apologise for being independent. Loosing both my parents as a young woman taught me to have my own back. Yes lets talk back stabbers, I see you. I know your vibe. I have experienced it. Smiling in my face while the knife goes deep. Oh but guess what? Did I not tell you I have protection? My parents love for me is fierce. It cuts through everything. Take on me, take on my whole family. You can't see them but you will experience their wrath. Karma is a bitch, bitches. Watch out for those nightmares.

I will not apologise for my spirituality. No more mainstream. The original misfit. I see, feel, hear deep into world of spirit. I know my guides. I work with angels daily. The goddesses celebrate the connection and dance in delight. Should I close down to suit your limitations and fear? Don't make me laugh. The cloak is off. Baby I was born this way and my crown cannot be touched. Admire from afar.

I will not apologise for my creativity. I know me. I am perfect at being me. My work comes from the inside out. It's good isn't it? Is that why you stole it? Yes, you thought I didn't know? See all of the above, read it twice if you need. Think you got away with it? Really I am flattered. This original woman has it. You know, that vibe you long for yet cannot attain. Can I offer some advice? Find your own style. If you need my help, just ask. I forgot, you already did that. Remember energy is like a double sided knife; it will cut through everything but abuse it and it will cut through you.

I will not apologise for how I express myself.

I will not apologise for being a healer.

I will not apologise for my truth.

I will never apologise for BEING ME. LOVING ME. HONOURING ME.

Why the fuck would I?

Butterfly vibes

Its been a while since I blogged, unusual for me as many things fly around in my head constantly. In fact as I sit here writing this I'm aware of my frequent meditation practise which is probably a sign I've been doing my own head in (a fine Scottish term for over thinking). Creativity is still alive within me, it just hasn't flowed onto my blog page.

So here I am, silly o'clock, but its a gemini moon and I need to communicate. All you astrology geeks will know that gemini is the sign of communication and as my moon is ruled by this magnificence I'm helplessly at it's mercy. If only everyday could be a communicative gemini day. Sigh.

No caffeine required. I can tell its going to be a late one.

I recently saw this quote 'you cannot talk butterfly language with caterpillar people.' It got me thinking.

Most of us know the journey a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly?

The caterpillar is born, stuffs itself with leaves, grows plump, goes through a series of molts in which it sheds its skin. Suddenly stops eating, hangs upside down from a twig, spins itself a cocoon called a chrysalis. Inside the chrysalis the caterpillar radically transforms its body and eventually emerges as a butterfly.

This could be my life story. No, just kidding. Although I can relate to a lot of this namely loving to eat, getting plump, apart from hanging upside down from a twig. That would be a bit strange and I could easily break that twig. Can you tell I'm at the stop eating phase?! The thought of breaking the twig is just TOO much. And I certainly have shed many skins over the years. Oh god stop waffling! I need a shocked emoji face inserted here.

Seriously though, that caterpillar goes through a metamorphosis to become a butterfly. Everything about it changes. It's a mega life journey that deserves respect.

If any of us has had that mega life metamorphosis, we know nothing will ever be the same. How we view the world is altered forever. So can we chat butterfly to caterpillars?

Some would say we can't - lack of experience. Yet I would say we can, through INSPIRATION.

How many times have we heard a story that touches our soul in a grab a tissue or bite our lip kind of way? Even if we cannot relate to it we can empathise with it, rooting for the underdog to be triumphant. Happy endings galore.

Pain can propel us forward, transforming us out of our cocoon, letting us emerge in all our glory.

Each of us is in charge how we share our butterfly vibes. We have to power to inspire and lift each other.

Whether someone wants to listen is personal choice but ultimately caterpillar people will become butterfly people.

Look to the future.

Pass it forward.

Embrace those butterfly vibes.


Moth vibes are awesome too.

Eclipse season

ECLIPSE SEASON is upon us. I have had so many of my gorgeous vibe tribes ask me wtf is going on?! Well here it is.

This is a deeply spiritual time revelling in gifts the universe will bring. It is an energetic platform to help you evolve, advance and create THE most fulfilling life.

Tibetan Buddhists believe that during this time energies are multiplied 10,000 times! Take note. Seriously. Listen to your soul. Embrace all those fated events knowing that cosmic behind the scenes work is actually happening. Change is upon us.

B.R.I.N.G. I.T. O.N. !

You might already be feeling symptoms, intense vibes flying around, a need to change things - this is the 'shaking it all up' illumination energy.

Make time for meditation and quiet time. TRUTHS will be revealed but only if you listen. Don't let distractions run away with you just now. Mark off at least 30 minutes in your schedule to sit, close your eyes and breathe. LISTEN.

Eclipses come in pairs - the solar eclipse during the new moon and the lunar eclipse during a full moon.

Tomorrow July 13th is the New Moon and the SOLAR (masculine) eclipse. July 27th is the Full Moon and LUNAR (feminine) eclipse. August 11th is another New Moon and SOLAR (masculine) eclipse.

Expect the unexpected.

Ask yourself:

What/whom is eclipsing your life and possibly casting shadows over it?

What feelings are surfacing?

What is dimming your light?

What is blocking your happiness?

Who is taking your power and directing your life for you?

Those around you will reveal their true colours and intentions forwards you. Masks are dissolved and shadow selves shown. Do not act on impulse, give ultimatums or make decisions - slow it down and wait at least a few weeks.

Inevitably emotions will be running high so be compassionate towards yourself and others. Take nothing personally.


Embrace the suns light force energy and gorgeous NEW CHAPTER of your life.

Natalie Alexander

"Think happy, feel happy, believe happy, be happy"