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Lunar Vibes

I love a full moon to myself. It is a mysterious time where we can expect the unexpected and revel in whatever blessings are bestowed.

A time of great insight into the chaotic emotions of who we are and where we are at with it all - if you know what I mean...

The wonderful thing about this lunar cycle is that it's energies govern our emotions and soul. Yes its deep, and for those of us that love a bit of soul its a breeze yet for others it feels scary and just to much!

So how can we accept lunar vibes and learn from it without embracing our inner lunartic? Easy. Learn to laugh at ourselves and all the crazy choices we have made or are currently making, knowing that we are a massive bunch of juicy creative emotions that sometimes totally and utterly get it wrong.

Lets take this deeper, it is the full moon after all !!!

All those emotions that we get wrong can give us the opportunity to realign and make it right. Simple. If we are being too hard on ourselves in judgement and comparisons then its going to be horrid, so lighten up and let all that shit go.

We are here and now with magical energy flying around us. Stop. Grab some of the magic.

Tune in, let go, learn from it. Did I say let go? Yes I REALLY mean it. Stop letting those thoughts live rent free in our minds. It causes too much unnecessary stress and who needs stress???

Being gifted conscious awareness is amazing. Turn it around and make it work.


Blessings central!

Tonight gift yourself 5 minutes to think about your dreams. Then before you go to sleep, make a wish.

Remember to love your emotions for showing you what is working for you and what isn't.

Happy FULL MOON everyone!

Buddha Full Moon

Tomorrow see's the beginning of the Buddha Full Moon. An auspicious time of transformation and Buddhas birthday.

Siddharta Gautama, who later became known as the Buddha, was born on a full moon. His renunciation was on a full moon. He became enlightened on a full moon and finally left his human form under a full moon. What more can I say?! Mega good vibes are happening...

Traditionally a time to sit in your emotions and gage how you feel, I mean REALLY feel, this lunar cycle governs the emotional and spiritual self.

The key is to fully embrace all the chaotic craziness by sitting quietly and listening to it. No filters. No masks. No bullshit. Sit and listen to your truth.

Such a special and sacred time it offers us the ultimate celebration of all that is, namely ONENESS with the understanding we are spiritual beings experiencing a conscious human encounter here on earth.

I would love to share with you one of my favourite full moon habits. I find it essential to my wellbeing and a celebration to the beautiful lunar cycle and all her healings.

- Sit quietly with a pen and paper beside you.

- Light a beautifully scented natural candle.

- Close both eyes and tune into your breathing being conscious of each breath.

- Gently slow down the breathing and go deep.

- When you feel stillness within ask 'how I truly feel'.

- Patiently wait for the answer to filter through you.

Write it all down.

Doing this will offer the greatest insight which instantly connects you to divine source energy. I wonder what you will find.....?

Enjoy this BUDDHA FULL MOON my friends and don't forget to dig deep and let the magic begin.

Oh and of course, remember to cleanse and charge up your crystals in the gorgeous moon rays of light.

Fleeting thoughts

I recently found myself reviewing my life, yes one of those BIG moments where soul searching is a must and quiet time a necessity. I was sitting thinking of any goals I had made that hadn't been completed and focussing on some missed opportunities. I felt my vibe go low and my energy lessen. Hold on a minute I thought to myself - what are you doing?!

One thing I stopped doing years ago was to make goals or have an expectation on an outcome based on these goals. I found it limiting and oppressive, especially when I work, breathe, live energy. There was nothing worse than focusing my mind energy on non achievements and the shoulda, woulda, coulda scenarios.

Pull it back......

Instead I chose to focus on what I have created in my life and forgetting those pesky goals. Embracing the soulful divine inheritance and reason why I am here on earth is my no brainer and life mantra is energy vibration, healing and chakras, oh lets not forget angels. To place mainstream goals on something so innately spiritual is ludicrous.

I then started thinking about many years ago when lots of people used to ask me what I do to keep myself upbeat, as I was once described as a non religious Ned Flanders from the Simpsons. It was something I pondered for a while, not the Ned Flanders connection which bewildered me but my lifestyle. Then it hit me. Its my vibe, my energy and happy constitution. I went into my mind cave to break it down and look for my unique formula, yes my mind is a pretty intense place that definitely needs filtered to ground me and initiate creativity. This was when I created my InsideOut 7 week program.

I am SO proud of this lifestyle system based on the chakras. Many people have benefited from the spiritual transformation and deep inner work offered in the program. It has free flowed from my soul and all the hardships life has thrown my way, to a tried and tested seal of approval place.

There is absolutely no way InsideOut could have been born from limiting goals. Some of the work is based upon ancient systems that are 2500 years old. Only through divine inspiration this spiritual work was channelled and then manifested into form.

A huge realisation and awakening that both myself and many others have, is all we need is within us already. It is not found outside ourselves or in material possessions or even in other people or pesky goals, it is found deep within our energy, soul and hearts. The trick is to find the key that will unlock the limitations of fear and begin the process of letting go. Sometimes the letting go is based upon all that we have learned and been taught in life, so to unlearn seems scary but at the same time immensely liberating.

Doing this unlocks the magic and the beauty of who we are and what our truth is based on.

So the next time a moment arises when the sole focus is on lack, turn it around and tweak that thought into a soulful delight. Watch all the energy transform, flow and create into positivity. Your chakras will align to the high vibes and a fresh new seed planted into the on going personal development of life.

We never stop learning from each other. Sharing fleeting moments like this keeps it real and connected. I celebrate all my life lessons and know peace and happiness CAN be found in dark places and guess what, you can actually be happier than you ever thought imaginable.

Happy Wednesday my friends!

Natalie Alexander

"Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again"