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Surviving festivities

Surviving festivities

It's December - time for the festivities to begin. A right of passage is to feel completely overwhelmed at social diaries and stress about stuff that doesn't need to be stressed about. With that in mind, here is a 10 step guide how to survive this crazy month and keep your health, happiness and sanity in tact.

1. Get your investment piece out of the wardrobe and do an Iris Apfel. Im talking about accessorising like you've never accessorised before. That way, you'll look amazing on a low budget and your outfit will look different each time you wear it.

2. Milk thistle all the way. Take one of these tablets with lots of water before you go out and one when you come home. Doing this will help detox your liver and keep hydration levels high. Remember its all about good skin, drink LOTS of water.

3. Avoid the bitch fest. Yes, we all know it happens but choose not to participate in it unless you're looking for a blocked throat chakra and toxic vibes. Enough said.

4. Give back - mega important. There are a lot of people who struggle with this time of year. Offer your time, energy or money to those who need it. Add an item to the food bank in your local supermarket. Keep your feel good factor alive and kicking. Great vibes are contagious, pass them on.

5. Move your body. This includes getting your disco groove on at parties. With all the food and drink consumed your physical body needs extra care. Lets be honest, no one likes that bloated feeling.

6. Jingle jangle vitamins. Do not forget to keep taking your supplements. This is Scotland, we NEED them. Its freezing and sun is limited. Vitamin D is especially essential.

7. Focus on what you have in your life and not what you don't have.

8. Invest in a good eye cream. Bags under your eyes are an absolute no no.

9. Plan your January detox. Thank yourself in advance.

10. And the most important one have FUN - those memories need to be created!!!

Hello Wild Woman

Hello Wild Woman

I recently experienced a surprise journey, reconnecting me to my wild woman. A path that would play its role to release needless conditioning and ignite the essence of my raw woman energy.

It has been challenging, difficult and hurtful yet the hurt I was experiencing was in actual fact self inflicted. How, I hear you ask? Because I was conditioned and fearful to surrender to the craziness of it.

I would describe it as rebel energy, raw, I don't give a shit kind of vibe that had me questioning everything, everyone, including myself. I was digging deep and going inside my abandoned dark crevices, isolated in time by the isms of nicities.

Feeling the deep limitations I had placed on myself and choosing to take responsibility of them was really unpleasant, yet the process of releasing them beautifully liberating. At this stage it is a good idea to let those around you know what you're working on. Otherwise they may think you have gone crazy. Thank you to the magical person I shared this journey with, dear goddess I'm blushing ha ha.

Not for the fainthearted, I was transported to places I didn't even know existed within by feeling pain both emotionally and physically. As I heal a back injury, this process took me deeper into the emotional attachment of the injury, bringing it all up to the surface again. Don't run. Feel it. Be it is what I told myself and guess what?! The resurfaced pain disappeared. Wow. Lets keep going. Where to next?

I gave myself permission to be rebel Nat, god I love her! She is a warrior kick ass, swearing sexy sassy diva, who doesn't filter her words, mute her truth or take shit from anyone. She is the epitome of a powerful Scots woman in all her glory. An expression of an ancient matriarchal culture that adores and celebrates their women. Thank you Scotland for loving your women wild...!

Hell yes, this feels good. Guess who's back, back again, yes its back, tell your friends.

My psyche kicks in. My ajna insight explains each woman is a beautiful diamond with many facets. Each of these facets has a role to play like mother, wife, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, boss, friend or lover. Sometimes we are so busy fulfilling our responsibilities within these roles, our diamonds loose their shape. Our facets stop sparkling, becoming dull and jaded. This is when our wild woman energy needs activated. This is when we reconnect to who we are, feel our hearts beating and shine like lasers in the sky.

How did all this come about? I asked the universe/source/god for inspiration. My wish was gifted back to me in the form of my wild woman.

Diamonds really are a girls best friend. If you feel you are loosing your sassy shape or the sparkle had gone, maybe its time to ask for inspiration.

Let the craziness engulf your soul and the magic transform your forever.

Om Krim Kali.

Own it


I talk a lot about owning our divine inheritance with my clients. Understanding why we are here on earth with our god given purpose is the age old question of existence.

Purpose has the power to ignite a spiritual quest that can last a life time and take us on a journey into the depth of our soul.

Our divine purpose is what comes naturally to us, all that is effortless and flows. That point of understanding our identity and knowing ourselves from the inside out.

Taking ownership of our inheritance or gifts is key, then making a living through them is the breakthrough. Work no longer feels like work.

Just as some people are academic, some sporty or creative, we are all made differently and have our own unique gifts.

Like our DNA, our natural gifts reflect our godliness or goddessness, so comparing ourselves with each other really is pointless.

When we connect to who we really are we flourish and grow as one, opting to share fulfilling precious life experiences.

Surrendering is what its all about.

Surrendering to the will of god, source, universal energy whole heartedly is when we are owning our inheritance and promoting the 'whats meant for you wont go past you' scenarios and synchronicity.

But I hear you say hold on Natalie, I can create my future my way. Yes you sure can because you are connected to the creator - source itself, and manifesting beautifully cannot help but happen. This is the law of attraction. Life unfolds and opens all the doors that we will to open and then learn life lessons accordingly.


When we disregard or fight against our divine inheritance we become separated. Life doesn't flow becoming painful and hard which can prompt a non believing, negative mindset.

To change this, start unlearning all that has been learnt. Do life differently. Embrace who you really are.

Owning our divine inheritance is as natural as breathing itself. It is why we are here together sharing a human experience as spiritual beings. We belong to each other.

God, source, universal energy dwells within me as me.

Try it.

Natalie Alexander

"All great changes are proceeded by chaos"