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It's about Love

It's about Love

I am a private person and I don't really share my personal life openly but on this occasion I am going to share my learnings.

Its about love.

Its about the love I have for my husband, the man I married, shared years with and whom I am now separated from.

As we move forward into the realm of divorce, emotions run wild, the projection of fear begins and chaos starts. STOP! This feels shit...

Who did what, when, where bullshit. There was no what, when, where. There was love and there still is love because I cannot live without love in my heart. I don't want to hear about hate from other people who have experienced separation or divorce. I don't want your fucking opinion and low vibes in my life. I need to be me.

Reliving the negative shit in my mind was killing me. It hurt too much. Its not real. Victim is not who I am or will ever be. I will take control of my part and heal the hurt and pain.

Healing is the hard part because its easier to blame and stay in victim mode, but those ill feelings are manifesting in my body affecting my energy and my heart - NO! No more...

So the healing comes from remembering that only love is real. Getting to this part means I am emotionally bruised, battered and my heart is in pieces but dear god, having peace in my soul feels amazing. I can rise again and I am.

I can fully accept my part and let go. I forgive.

I can let my husband go because I love him and as I write this the tears are rolling down my face but they are tears of release as we both deserve happiness.

Love needs to be free otherwise it is possession and control.

I am grateful for the learnings. I am ecstatic to still hold love in my heart.

To love and be loved is what life is all about.

And now its a new journey with new beginnings and to my dearest husband, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world!

To my tribe (you know who you are) I thank you for your support, love and positive vibes - heres to the future whatever it may be...

Choose to feel gratitude for those who love you and tell them often how much you love them - life is just to damn short to waste time on insignificant words and passionless energy.

Say What?!

Keep it real. Fleeting thoughts of someone who cares...

I am sick to the back teeth of negativity, all shapes and forms. When did negativity become our birthright? Oh yes, NEVER! We all have amazing power within us to surmount our difficulties. Get the wheels in motion and find that strength (manipura energy) and sort it. Life haters exist but DO NOT be one of them! Be responsible for the energy you create. It starts with you. Remember bad karma is a bitch. Keep it real.

Shit happens, its how we deal with it that matters. Life sends us tests, sometimes continually until we have finally mastered them. Be responsible for your reaction to this. No, your angels haven't abandoned you. No, you are not a victim unless you choose to be. Do you want ascension?

The younger generation rock. Yes, even with their social media frenzied superficial lifestyle. They are picking up the pieces of our mess, our legacy is in their hands. Lets nourish them with all our vital learnings. Lets invest in them like never before, because they need it! Love is what its all about.

Take of the mask. What are you hiding from?! What virtual facade are you living within your mind. Get conscious. Get real. Get ready to change. Or stay stuck, playing the game based on patriarchal material dominance. Bullying. Fear. Ego. Does it feel good? Does the high last long enough? Does the fear sooth the soul? Do you like it, really really like it?

Our soul is packaged. This package comes in many colours, shapes, forms and sizes. It doesn't matter what the f••¢ it looks like, its what is inside that matters. It carries our soul through this lifetime, helping us to learn about ourselves, each other and the world. Our package is essential, beautiful and unique. What if we forget about the package and look deep into the eye of the soul. Do we dare see the truth?!

'We have time for racism
We have time for criticism
Held bondage by our ism's
When will there be a time to love
We make time to debate religion
Passing bills and building prisons
For building fortunes and passing judgments
When will there be a time to love'
- Stevie Wonder

Letting go

Letting go

We have all been in situations where we feel separate from ourselves wondering, what has happened to me? Where have I gone?

This is a natural process of life and the evolution of truly becoming WHO we are. Those experiences build us into the better version of ourselves. Yet why can it feel so painful? One of the main reasons is attachment. We all form expectations to an outcome created in our mind, and when that outcome doesn’t happen we feel cheated, deflated and let down. The key is to not form attachments and LET GO.

Easier said than done Natalie I hear you say, Well, yes, it is hard. But how hard do you want to feel that pain before you let it go? Excruciating? Erm not the best option!

Being aware of how we ‘act out’ is so important if we are to deeply understand ourselves. Do we become the victim, martyr or blame merchant? Is there a clan or playground mentality telling ourselves we are right and they are wrong?

If only it was simple.

A black and white mentality is immature and destructive. Remember there is a rainbow out there full of many colours. Our experiences come from our lighter and darker moments. Being rigid in our mindset will block us - right and wrong doesn't work.

There is another way. That moment of seeing the light, in a non transcending tunnel to the afterlife way.

Stage one, sit in the pain. Feel every bit of it. Doing this stops it being a superficial cover up. This takes time but is a must if we want to heal.

Reaching the point of enough is enough is the next stage two. This is the beginning of letting go.

Stage three is anger, prepare for emotional outbursts in the form of rant and raves or tears. Its a great idea to inform those around us of our emotions, in order to keep friendships and relationships in tact. This stage is when those painful emotions begin to leave us. It is a good thing!

Exhaustion is stage four. After all those outbursts, its natural to feel tired mentally and physically. Being kind about the dark circles under our eyes is advisable, so drink plenty of water and invest in a good eye cream. Pampering plays its part here - nurture and self kindness is a must.

Moving forward is a sure sign we are on the right track and have welcomed stage five. This is the point that letting go kicks in and at last deep healing is happening. It can feel scary but come on, do we really need to keep doing stages one to four over and over again? Well yes, this will happen until we reach the enlightenment of stage five. Not judging ourselves is important. Authentic healing takes time so keep the nurture nature and self kindness going.

We are all different, it takes some of us longer to let go depending on our ability to process our emotions. The important thing to remember is WE CAN do it. Letting go of attachment is one the the biggest spiritual lessons that exists. It happens to us all.

Keep compassion alive in the truth that we belong to each other.

Natalie Alexander

"I can and I will"