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2020 Retreats

It has been a long time coming and many of you have been asking me to start running retreats possibly forever, so I am delighted to announce they will be happen in 2020.

Finding the perfect location with amazing energy has taken years to find - come on its me and its got to be good after all. Only the best will do!

So where have I chosen? Greece, Athens to be precise, among the great gods and goddesses - the birthplace of democracy.

There are many reasons why I decided to base the retreats there, let me share my experiences with you.

The first is the weather (very different from a Scottish climate especially right now as I sit here writing this, storm Brendan is bashing our shores with a severe weather warnings). You won't get that in Greece. Think sun, warmth, crystal clear sea, blue skies and floral scents and views that will take your breath away. Vitamin D central.

The second is the energy and history. Quite honestly, it blew me away! Infact, soul revival come to mind. There is something so special and nourishing about Greece. As I explored and learned more about the culture and connecting to the energy, I found my soul begin to glow from the inside out, if this happens for me, I absolutely desire it for others. Like Scotland, it has an ancient and rich history - Edinburgh is the Athens of the north. It's blue and white thing. Whats not to love?

The third are the sacred sites. Having visited many, some only known by locals it was a no brainer to offer this on my retreat. Be prepared for a mega spiritual recharge. Yes, the itinerary is a beautiful secret, tried and tested by me.

The fourth is the location of the villa. We will be staying in a luxurious family run property located in the mountains of Kalamos, 45 minutes from Athens. With breathtaking views of the sea and mountains, stretching all the way over to Evoia Island, stunning comes to mind. I know, I stayed there. Think peace and tranquility. Pink, orange and rainbow coloured sunrises and sunsets, what a find! Total treat.

The fifth is what I can offer you. Morning meditations outside. Pranayama and sun salutations as the day unfolds. Daily excursions to the most incredible sacred places hand chosen by me. Mini workshops designed specifically to boost your self care and wellbeing. 15 years of my professional experience condensed into a 7 day retreat. A holiday of a lifetime. 

There will be a private chef on site. Butler style hospitality for all the diva demands. Only 6 places will be available, all with private rooms (one room share option). Meals and drinks are catered for even on the excursions. Its all about you. You!

Rest. Rejuvenation. Time out.

It will be amazing!

Sound good? Please feel free to contact me for more details...

The Mercury of all Retrogrades

Whether you are familiar with mercury retrograde or not, it certainly has the power to add a few mishaps into everyday life.

So what is it? It is when the nearest planet to the sun Mercury, appears to travel in the opposite direction (east to west rather than west to east) and if you are big on your astrology, you'll know the chaos it can cause.

As everything is energy, this re - alignment has a big impact on electrical devices, travel plans and mis-communications. It also encourages us to revisit ourselves emotionally, uncovering those dark hidden gems we thought had gone yet suddenly boldly expose themselves. Yes indeed. It's massive. The key is to know when it is all going to happen. Plan plan plan! Do the software updates in advance. Dot the i's and cross the t's with regards to travel plans. Take nothing, I mean nothing personally and do not react to other peoples angry outbursts.

Another aspect of retrograde is to avoid making any new or big life changing decisions within the time frame, or signing new contracts. Hold off. The energy is too chaotic. You'll thank yourself afterwards. Really. Ask those who have learned from experience. Wait to avoid the WTF moments.

So, why is this the mother of all retrogrades? Because we have revisited a decade of our lives 2010 - 2019. Think about all that has happened within those years. It is advisable to take a deep breath. Or laugh. Or grab the tissues and cry it out.

This retrograde cycle has been scrutinised by the sign of scorpio - intense, dark and very deep. Is the picture becoming clearer and you're understanding your crazy reactions to situations now? Add spiritual living into the equation and all that the universe wants to gift you, so you can learn and grow, evolving into a healthier and all round nicer version of yourself - WOW.

Understanding why you have revisited so much, what you have learned and how can you grow from it means there is no time for that resting bitch face, sultry sarcasm or projecting bad vibes. Take responsibility. Your soul needs it. Let the old go so the new can come. 

There is good news. Today mercury will go direct. That means mercury retrograde has finished. Bravo! However, please note there will be a cheeky wee shadow period for a couple of days, so be mindful. Please. Best behaviour is advised.

You survived it. You did it. The melt downs were worth it. A new shinier version of yourself has been morphed. 

Breathe into all your emotions today knowing they will eventually fade away. Congratulate yourself on all that you have achieved over the last decade. Trust that karma is in your favour and the universe will never let you down. Most of all, please have a beautiful day.

Mercury retrograde dates for 2020. It's all in the planning.

- February 18th - March 9th in Pisces.

- June 17th - July 12th in Cancer.

- October 13th - November 3rd in Scorpio.

Playboy Papa Patriarch

I will call this blog the triple god as it's a continuation from my last one. Understanding the brotherhood and their life cycles with a few added insights from my own perspective, is both a joy, extremely bewildering at times yet so simple in essence. Ladies, this is for you.

I love listening to bloke chat. Being blessed to be surrounded by lots of Scots men, I never tire of the comical banter, swearing and satire. A language only the Scots can pull off with a glint in their eye and a dead pan, invisible inner smile that oozes cheeky energy.

Some of my most enlightening moments have been gifted to me via my son and his friends. I've listened to many hilarious conversations that have left me completely baffled, crying with laughter or in need of a single mothers feminists input (while my son roles his eyes). My favourite conversation was when said 'menboys' started talking about strip clubs. I could see terror come across my son's face as he anticipated a lecture of all lectures. Too funny. Of course it was delivered with realism. Not appreciated by any of them. 1 - 0 to the sisterhood! Respect.

Like all life cycles, different phases play a huge part. So lets look into the triple god arena.

The Playboy years are roughly experienced between 15 years of age to 30 years, aka the age of testosterone. Sex is the love drug. A blinkered approach of quantity over quality seems a right of passage. That care free approach of fun vibes, self discovery and conquering the world is a magnetic driving force. The world revolves around the juvenile playboy as he explores what life is all about, how he can leave his mark on the world while embarking upon his walkabout? This dude code needs to happen. His manliness solidified. The hunter needs to hunt, to what level depends upon the individual as all men are not chest beating misogynists (thank goddess) and their journey is thankfully uniquely different. The playboy learns how to embrace his manhood in this cycle. Once this timeline is completed there is a natural push to move onto the next one. Shedding this phase is vital, the last thing the world needs is more playboy Peter Pan's who refuse to grow up. There are already too many who hold roles of importance - destructive energy indeed. World leaders come to mind! Let go, let the manly god energy grow and shed inside. Its needed!

The Papa years vary between 30 and 45 years old - the provide and protect cycle. Quality years are here. Now that the gods have spoken, this papa means business. It is no longer about him, more about his family, employees and what he stands for by providing learnings, worldly knowledge and purpose with those near and dear. The duty to protect becomes stronger as heavenly father vibes are felt deep within. With a strong as steel 'do everything you can' mantra, living who he is with committed core values that reflect his manliness and lifestyle, a must. If the papa tries to go back to his playboy years a mid life crisis becomes inevitable. Getting that sports car beit an actual car or as some men call arm candy, escapism summarises it. It might feel good for a while but the foundations will crumble and what is left? Emptiness. Stay papa. It's sexy, hot, bursting with experience and vigour. Whats not to love? Embrace it. Share it.

The Patriarch years are from 45 years onwards, known as the prime time phase. This god is all about legacy, power and what he stands for. What has he not seen or done? Not much. Mature silver foxes giving back spectacularly, really is a sight to behold. Maleness in all its glory. Pass the sniffing salts. Please. Oh and wipe my brow. Glory be. Life stories, events, accomplishments and failures, shared with 'how to' encyclopaedia experiences ready for those playboys or papas who are clever enough to listen. Inspiration, inheritance, respect. The men who fully embrace this cycle are natural wise leaders who give a fuck and give back. This god commands his agape, storge and pragma love like no other. Just make sure a sense of humour is in place when it comes to ageing. Prostrate humour is central I'm told. And of course don't even think about going back to playboy unless it is a conscious, supervised visit. To be forewarned is to be wise. Having more men comfortable with their patriarch years is what this world needs. Think about it on a global scale. Please.

There you have it. The triple god so to speak. The age is a rough timeline. Some men that go straight into patriarch at a very young age and other's simply cannot let go of the playboy cycle.

Heres to our brothers and understanding them better! We love you!

Natalie Alexander

"It's not what happens to us in life, it's how we react to it"