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Maiden Mother Matriarch

The goddess cycle or triple goddess is something that has always fascinated me. As a little girl I would look at older women in sheer awe of their knowledge, warmth and how they just knew everything. Any opportunity to listen to stories, soak up the atmosphere or just be part of it, I was there. I adored many generations of women sitting together sharing their experiences of life; a secret ladies only club where china tea cups and cake was the right of passage.

Having spent many years studying the goddess concept from many cultures, I am hooked. There is still so much information to be discovered. This is because story telling was at the core of the teachings. There weren't many books written, as women were often illiterate. Thank goodness that has changed. It is an absolute delight when a new book discussing goddess topics is revealed, offering new insight into ancient teachings.

Ageing is such a beautiful process. It enlivens the soul. Expands the mind. And gifts us a sense of humour with regards to our bodies. This ever changing process is at the core of the goddess cycle. So without further ado, let's meet the triple goddess.

Let me introduce you to the Maiden years roughly (16 years - 30 years old) it is all about us. The world revolves around our superficial yet vastly important lives. How we show up to the world is central. Looking the best, being the best and acting the best is the mantra mindset. Competition is rife and god help anyone who dares to try and share the lime light. These are the years to have carefree fun fun fun. Making reckless memories that will be laughed about or shared in the secret circle is the maiden way. Bodies are plump and bursting with collagen. Get up and go the energetic lifestyle. Experimenting with everything a must. How we all laugh remembering the maiden. God love her and all that sailed upon her! Top secret of course.

Now let's meet the Mother years. Suddenly in shock with it being no longer being about us roughly (30 years - 40 years old). Where did the husband/partner, children and under eye dark circles come from? It's a sleep deprived hazy faze for a while. Then the breakthrough phase of nourishing momma love starts running through the veins. Everything and everyone needs mothered. Loved ones, work colleague's and anyone within our vicinity benefit from those vibes. It's all about love. Then out of the blue, the WTF mirror moment happens when we consciously look at ourselves and say 'who are you' out loud. What in god's name has happened to you? Those carefree perfect make up maiden memories instantly return but are rudely removed by children crying, partners moaning and rigid itineraries that need actioned. The lesson here is self love, needed immediately, in copious amounts. Please. Pretty please. For the sake of the photos - do it.

And then the Matriarch years are upon us roughly (40 years onwards). Life begins. Or at least it gets going when we get our hormones balanced. Embracing the maca powder with oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone (organic of course!) means any sniff of the old crone is instantly replaced by something far sweeter, exotic and hopefully juicy. What have we not seen, done, experienced? Not much to be honest. As goddesses we are in our prime. Beware anyone who thinks us a push over. In fact, god help you. The wisdom is vast, tongue ready for justice and life lessons learned to PhD level. Protective. Fierce. Mentoring. The giving back and passing on phase is upon us. All that learned knowledge is in need of sharing. Tea in china cups with cake is embraced or possibly replaced with prosecco and pink gin cocktails. The sisterhood - goddess - cycle is complete and isn't she absolutely glorious. The crown is on. The stage is set. The matriarch is ready.

Life is for learning and letting go at each stage. We can't continually live in maiden years, as fun as it would be. Moving on is essential. Smothering mothering is claustrophobic, so cutting the apron strings also vital. And seriously, who wouldn't want to wear their crown like the majestic matriarch? Let your goddess glory evolve!

Take note ladies. Men go through the Playboy - Papa - Patriarch cycle to be revealed in my next blog. 

Job done

This is a big moment for me writing this blog. One of those moments numerous mothers of a certain age will understand. When the real process of letting go begins. Yes it's the stomach churning, nervous wreck moment of leaving your child (adult by age) home alone for the first time, while you actually leave the country to have 'you' time. I use the phrase 'you time' loosely. Those bloody maternal ties keep nagging, not budging one inch and the process of relaxation or even letting go is under constant scrutiny.

So to recap, my clever idea happened a month ago. Yes I thought I deserve some 'me' time. He's old enough I tell myself. Then it begins to unfold. Before I know it, the book button is pressed and my holiday is in the hands of the gods so to speak. Shaded under an umbrella of excitement, I felt like the ultimate dude of all dudesses - I know its not actually a word but at this moment in time it sums up the whole process nicely. Forgiveness required. From whom I am not sure because delusional vibes have set in. Possibly to myself for even writing this blog in the first place and sharing it with you.

The morning of departure arrives. No sleep the night before. Waking up in a sweat with the added bonus of palpitations for an added cute little extra. Dear god rattling through my mind on continual play. Constantly repeating my manta 'I can do this' over and over again while I take my morning shower. Is it helping? Not sure. Ask me on my return.

So I seal my suit case, book the taxi to go to the airport and think to myself - what the fuck am I doing? Does this sound familiar to anyone?

While I'm away 'enjoying' myself, my mind is constantly doing my head in (favourite Scottish saying).

What is this shit I keep asking myself? Ok, so I do regard myself as a conscious person. Come on, I am a spiritual life coach after all. Well, let me tell you, it has gifted me the knowledge of jolting my ego into submission like never before and let me tell you why. That'll be the mega reality check.

Was I never my sons age? Oh god, thats why I have the sweaty palpitations. No really, stop the jesting and get serious. Not something I do often - I really like my immature inner child. In fact I love her. Actually more and more as I get older. But I need to be a sensible mother. Sigh. Really? Do I really?

Have I turned into my mother? Her tactics were majestic. I mean the queen of all queens when it came to managing her feisty daughter. I don't think I can give myself the same credit as her. She was far more diplomatic. Heavenly mama, I hope you are reading this and laughing.

So here it is, to my darling son. I am sorry for the projection of my negative vibes. Yes your mother is apologising to you big time and I will tag you in everything.

You can have an issue with me later. Love you.

Ps, got home and the house was still standing. I'm over it. I'm over myself. Now, time to plan my next adventure....



This is for you.

To a fiesty, independant, stylish and warm hearted Tasmanian, Australian, Italian.

A Gemini by name and more exuberant by nature.

I feel heart broken the angels have taken you.

Yet I know you are revelling in fashionista heaven.

With that quick witted dry humour that would leave most bewildered.

And eyes that saw through bullshit in an instant.

Lighting up the sky with that contemplating smile.

Your intelligence and intuition were second to none.

I am wiping my eyes in my own selfish grief.


I have to surrender.

I will miss our belly laughs and swearing.

I will miss balancing your chakras and chatting energy.

I will miss the clothes, make up and shoe envy we shared.

Yet I thank the gods to have known you.

I thank the angels who took you.

Because now you are at peace my dear friend.

Oh, and when you offered me your symprove,

I knew you knew, what was coming.

Rest in peace beautiful soul.

Keep spreading that magic to us all.

You are forever a gift to the world.

Another angel taken and heaven bound.

Love you my pal.

Natalie Alexander

"Take a chance because you never know how absolutely perfect something could be"