InsideOut 7 week lifestyle programme

The ultimate lifestyle journey that teaches you how to manage your energy using mindful techniques…

InsideOut has transformed the lives of many people since its launch in 2013.

Created by Natalie Alexander and her many years of helping clients balance their energy, you are taken on a spiritual journey through the seven chakras 21st century style.

Each energy centre is explored, cleansed and upgraded - maximising your energy, mindset and perspective.

With an amazing reputation by both individuals and businesses, it is highly recommended for its effectiveness and simplicity.

Personal discovery, energetic tools and feel good vibes is what this lifestyle program is all about. InsideOut helps you create a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside.

This program is not a quick fix. It is 8 weeks of self discovery enabling you to create a better and more energy efficient version of you - perfect for those feeling stuck, looking for direction or needing maximise their time and energy.

  • One to one
  • Groups
  • Corporate/team building




"I now see the world around me as a different place, the world hasn’t changed, it has been my perspective and the people in it that has changed. My eternal thanks and gratitude for bringing the real me back into the world and helping me realise how beautiful it is…"

Brenda Louden (product adviser)


"The whole experience included so many aspects of self empowerment - you will be amazed at the results you get"

Marlyn Spinks (therapist)


"I have transformed myself into a better person who now has unlimited ability to see, hear, touch and feel anything I set my mind to"

Jane Perry (director)


"InsideOut 7 week program has had a very noticeable impact on all of us and has opened up a whole new world for the team. Our awareness has led to changes in our habits both on a personal and professional level. It was fun and a great team experience"

Linda Laurens (managing director)


"The “InsideOut” program was a real eye opener and a great journey. Working through the weeks as a team and sharing our concerns and our learnings enabled us to get to the source of lots of issues and energy blocks and unravel them. Through heightened awareness and a collective journey we are now armed with lots of excellent tools and practises to help us as a business, as individuals in our interactions to be the best we can be and get the most our of ourselves, our lives and our work. Thank you Natalie."

Catharine Horn (business manager)


"Inside Out has been a revelation and thankfully with Natalie's support and guidance I have reconnected with who I really am. It is the best conversation I have ever had with myself. Natalie's spiritual integrity shines through her passion for helping others be all they can be. The amazing insights and compassion she brings in to assist when dealing with stubborn blocks shows how connected she is with the material she is teaching. Inside Out helps you to be energy conscious, and to find the way of living your truth. I recommend this journey of self discovery it will surprise you how wonderful you really are."

Grace Budge (IT manager)



Natalie Alexander

"Think happy, feel happy, believe happy, be happy"


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