Chakra Balancing meditation by Natalie Alexander - mp3 download

Guided meditation and chakra chanting mp3. 8 tracks, total running time: 65mins
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Balancing our chakras offers us the key to maintaining wellness and balance, removing any blockages that may exist in our energetic system. This guided meditation will help us achieve radiance in our mind, body, soul and emotions.
1. Root chakra - Abundance 8.28
2. Sacral chakra - Beauty 3.45
3. Solar Plexus chakra - Strength 3.28
4. Heart chakra - Love 4.25
5. Throat chakra - Truth 3.38
6. Third eye chakra - Intuition 4.29
7. Crown chakra - Peace 5.43
Total time 32.36

Including a bonus download - Chakra chanting by Natalie Alexander
1. Chakra chanting 32.32
Total time 32.32

Listen to this chakra chanting or join in. It is 7 simple mantras chanted 21 times. Designed to cleanse and activate your chakras.
LAM - Abundance
VAM - Beauty
RAM - Strength
YAM - Love
HAM - Truth
KSHAM - Intuition
OM - Peace

Warning - may seriously improve your life!

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