Chakra Principle # 4


The fourth principle is kindness, opening an energetic flow to Love.

Our heart chakra or anahata will highlight the relationship we have with self love, compassion, forgiveness and surrendering to unconditional love.

If we are unbalanced within these life aspects the heart chakra may become blocked, taking on an energy of hate or judgement.

When we are balanced within our heart chakra, acceptance of ourselves and others opens our energy to having a love based, open life.




Heart Chakra symbol

Natalie Alexander

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energetic points in the body that start from the bottom of the spine and finish at the top. Each chakra governs a different part of our body as well as specific areas in our life.

Our energetic flow is channeled through our chakras and can determine whether we experience positive or negative energy. Healthy chakras attract positive energy, where as unhealthy or blocked chakras attract negative energy.

If one chakra is out of balance, it has an effect on all the others. It is important to work through all the chakras starting from the bottom up, to determine where any blockages may be, making appropriate changes along the way. Once those changes are applied, happiness and wellbeing awaits you!

"Be your own kind of beautiful"


Chakras Sitting Down Position